A Bridge of Straw: A really excellent first novel.

Straw on Tour

I love seeing pictures of people reading A Bridge of Straw in interesting places! Here’s just a few that have been sent to me…

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On 1st October 2013 my novel was released to the world. It was a strange feeling to let it go after over 3 years work. Neil Gaiman said that novels are not finished, they are just abandoned. The next stage… Read more »

‘A Bridge of Straw’ has all of the qualities that I think make a great read:

You look forward to reading it.

You don’t want to put it down.

You choose to read that book over doing anything else.

It contains a twist.

The characters are well crafted and likeable and the story, set partly in the UK and partly in America, romps at a good pace.

Beverly Stoves

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