A Bridge of Straw: A really excellent first novel.


“With the winter days approaching this is a perfect excuse to light a fire, open a bottle of wine and not move. It has the addictive ‘just another chapter’ until you reach a stage when you absolutely need to know the ending. I tried to work out the twist, and if I had been right with any of my ideas it would have been disappointing in retrospect. This ending was very clever. A day later and I’m still mulling it over in my mind, that is the sign of a good book.”
Suzy Boys

“The fact that during an exceptionally busy week for me I still read the whole book in less than 5 days speaks for itself!

The story itself had me gripped from the start and desperate to find out what the secret was, and Chris’s writing style is very readable, being in turns both comic and dark, but always inviting.

Without giving anything away, it’s not clear from the ending whether Chris is planning a follow up or not, but I for one hope he is!”
Ben Crockford

“Amazed at how I wanted to meet all of the characters – some to give them a good kicking!

Once I started I had to make myself put it down, otherwise I would have finished it far too quickly…didn’t want it to end.

Wow – just finished A Bridge Of Straws and was blown away – unexpected twist was the dark icing on a delicious little character cake.

So refreshing to see a new book that steps away from what is fashionable to plough its own furrow.”
Damian Davies

“It’s not often I read a book with a storyline that stays with me long after I’ve closed the back page.  A Bridge of Straw contains the depth and complexity to keep the reader turning the pages.”
Joanna Hague

“A Bridge of Straw’ has all of the qualities that I think make a great read:
You look forward to reading it.
You don’t want to put it down.
You choose to read that book over doing anything else.
It contains a twist.
The characters are well crafted and likeable and the story, set partly in the UK and partly in America, romps at a good pace.”
Beverly Stoves

“An intriguing first novel with believable and engaging characters. Expect the unexpected. This story will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.”
Julie Wild


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“A promising debut thriller that keeps you guessing until the end”

Joe Pontin

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