A Bridge of Straw: A really excellent first novel.

Book Groups

Book Group Suggested Questions

If you are reading A Bridge Of Straw as a book group and are getting together for a discussion, you may like to ask yourselves some of the following questions:

  1. If you were in Mack’s shoes in 1994, what would you have done?
  2. What were Kent Nicholl’s motives?
  3. What will Mack do at the end?
  4. What does Harpo know?
  5. What did you think of the passages describing writing music?
  6. What were the clues to the secret? Were there any red herrings?
  7. How did the banter between Mack and Jay make you feel? Do men really talk like that to each other?
  8. One of the themes of the book is secrets, and two in particular (Mary’s parentage and the ending) are kept as secrets. Discuss these two decisions

If you’re reading A Bridge of Straw with your book group and you’d like me to come and discuss the book with you all, just get in touch with me.


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Is Mack Me?


This is the most common asked question about A Bridge of Straw. I suspect it’s the main question asked of every fiction writer about their characters: ‘Which one is you?’ Surely each character invented by an author carries a small… Read more »

Amazed at how I wanted to meet all of the characters – some to give them a good kicking!

Once I started I had to make myself put it down, otherwise I would have finished it far too quickly…didn’t want it to end.

Wow – just finished A Bridge Of Straws and was blown away – unexpected twist was the dark icing on a delicious little character cake.

So refreshing to see a new book that steps away from what is fashionable to plough its own furrow.

Damian Davies

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