My Favourite Literary Character

I have fallen in love with a few fictional characters in my time – Cassandra Mortmain from I Capture The Castle is high up on that list. The characters that I really enjoy reading about, however, tend to have a… Read more »


Will the next classic novel be self published?

My novel was self published using the services of Silverwood Books. They gave the book a copy edit,professional design (based on an image I provided), and sorted the legals. Being a Silverwood author means I get to meet some interesting… Read more »


My Critical Friends

On 1st October 2013 my novel was released to the world. It was a strange feeling to let it go after over 3 years work. Neil Gaiman said that novels are not finished, they are just abandoned. The next stage… Read more »


Book Launch

A Bridge of Straw was officially launched in January, it may have been a little while ago now but here’s some pictures from the launch event: [Show slideshow]


Marketing and the Fight for Our Children

I’d like to share with you three things that show how corporate marketing is targeting our young people in a way that is extremely damaging. The third of these makes me furious. First there is this video for Avicii’s excellent… Read more »


Is Mack Me?

This is the most common asked question about A Bridge of Straw. I suspect it’s the main question asked of every fiction writer about their characters: ‘Which one is you?’ Surely each character invented by an author carries a small… Read more »


Mack’s Earnings From A Bridge of Straw

One element of the backstory that underpins the book A Bridge of Straw is the fact that one song can generate such a large amount of ongoing income. In fact every time a song is used in any way –… Read more »


Why A Fox?

I’m not going to tell you everything! You’ll have to buy the book and work that one out for yourself.


My Top 5 Books

These are in no particular order – it’s hard enough to choose top 5 let alone have to put them in order! I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith. This is a book I read relatively recently, and it totally… Read more »


The Joy Of Music

In the early days of Mamal, Mack and Al used to gig regularly, with Harpo in the band too. These were the days before success, when playing live meant parties, charity events and other such private functions. And it meant… Read more »


It’s not often I read a book with a storyline that stays with me long after I’ve closed the back page.  A Bridge of Straw contains the depth and complexity to keep the reader turning the pages.

Joanna Hague

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