A Bridge of Straw: A really excellent first novel.

Mack has a secret… Mack and Al used to be minor pop stars. They partied hard during the brief worldwide success of Mack’s song ‘A Bridge of Straw’. That was until a journalist with a vendetta threw the band apart and Al became seduced by Hollywood. Mack had settled into family life but Al returns out of the blue, demanding a share of the royalties. Mack loses control as the situation develops, costing him his marriage and forcing him to retreat from the world that once acknowledged his talent. Fourteen years on, Mack’s son Johnny is determined to help his father by uncovering the truth, and to prove his father’s innocence. But someone is trying to stop him… Find out more at Amazon

Chris Budd… lives in Somerset with his wife and two children. He plays guitar and gigs regularly, reads lots of books and graphic novels, and spends far too little time watching cricket. In between this, he runs Ovation Finance Ltd, the financial planning business he started in 2000. As well as being the title of his first novel, A Bridge Of Straw is also a real song written by Chris. Written for his girlfriend when she was working in Australia, the lyric is a comment on the fragile nature of love. That girlfriend is now his wife, which perhaps shows that writing songs works.


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‘A Bridge of Straw’ has all of the qualities that I think make a great read:

You look forward to reading it.

You don’t want to put it down.

You choose to read that book over doing anything else.

It contains a twist.

The characters are well crafted and likeable and the story, set partly in the UK and partly in America, romps at a good pace.

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A Bridge of Straw: Buy now on amazon.co.uk

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